Welcome to the wonderful world of EVS

European Voluntary Service – EVS – gives young people (18 – 30) the opportunity to go to another country and work as volunteers. One of the best things about EVS is that it does not cost you anything, at least no money. All travel costs, accommodation, food, language training, insurance, guidance and support – are covered by The European Union Program Erasmus+

Volunteers also get pocket money to fulfill their individual needs. The amount depends on the country, where you are going to live. EVS volunteers work no more than 35 hours per week. They have 2 consecutive days off as a weekend and every month they accumulate 2 days of holidays.

Sounds good ... doesn’t it?

After your EVS project you will probably have a broad international network of friends and contacts, experience in leading your own independent project,  deeper understanding of other cultures and new language skills. You will also receive European certificate which is called a YouthPass. 

To became an EVS volunteer you should think not only about the country to which you want to go but also a project that suits you. You can choose between arts, environment, sports, media, youth work and many more. All the projects can be found in this database.

If you want to find out more about EVS write to us at evsrichter@hotmail.com or you can visit us here at Richter. We’ll give you a hand with finding the project that appeals to you, establishing contact with your future host organization, arranging all the necessary documents…In other words we will try to help you as much as possible. We may not have all the answers – but we surely know most of them.

Do you already know that you want to do EVS, than you can start to write your CV. But remember that finding a project and the application procedure takes some time (from 4 up till 8 months) So don’t miss your chance and start to plan your EVS on time.

QUESTION !!!!!!!!!
What does an EVS volunteer need?

- A separate bedroom – check
- A fully equipped kitchen, Bathroom and Toilet – check
- A big living room with a comfy couch and TV – check
- regular fresh toilet paper - check
- A terrace – check
- Weekly pocket money to surive - check
- most sun hours in Holland - check
-flat mates to chat with and argue about who’s turn it is to wash dishes – check

You will find all of these in The Eurohouse, an apartment for Richter volunteers. What is more – the gallery, youth information point, bookcrossing, and Richter office, a place where they work, is just downstairs.
It’s our belief that living together and sharing all kinds of different (cultural) emotions is what brings people together – and that the Eurohouse is a comfortable and safe environment to find yourself in before reaching maturity.

If you would like to become an EVS volunteer in Richter find out more information here.